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Don't we all want a company that runs on its own, produces maximum profit, and is desirable for sale in the future? YES!

In this live event, Exit Factor founder and President, Jessica Fialkovich, will unveil the secrets of how to run an efficient and profitable business that reduces your stress and gives you the freedom and money you deserve! Whether you want to sell your business now, whether you want to sell in the future, or whether you plan on keeping the business forever: this webinar will give you an actionable plan to build a desirable company.


How to Regain Your Time & Freedom in Your Business

The Most Valuable Seats to Remove Yourself From in the Business and How to Do It
How to Increase Your Profitability and Value 40% or More in Less than 12 Months
What You Need to Do to Position Your Company for Sale & Receive the Highest Valuation



Jessica Fialkovich is the founder of Exit Factor. After over a decade of founding, buying, and selling businesses, Jessica has created a program that helps small business owners decipher how to increase the efficiency and profitability of their businesses, positioning them as a desirable company for sale in the future, should they so choose. For the last ten years, Jessica has been the premier award-winning leader in the business brokerage and M&A industry, assisting over 600 entrepreneurs to position their companies for sale and exit for maximum value.

Jessica Fialkovich

Founder, Exit Factor

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Date: Wednesday, October 26th
Time:  1 PM EST / 10 AM PST
Duration: 1 Hour
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