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Online learning
Receive access to our online learning platform with 34 lessons, worksheets covering everything you need to know about selling a business.
Expert led group accountability calls to dive deeper into the content and address specific concerns in your business.
Access to the best partners, additional learning, tools, tips and tricks that we've compiled over hundreds of deals and thousands of hours of learning.
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 the plan 

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How the Market Works & How Businesses are Valued
Avoiding Deal Killers
Value Drivers in Your Business & How to Apply Them

What's covered in Prep to Sell..

Selecting Your Deal Team 
I started the Prep2Sell course about two months ago and have learned several key takeaways from each of our monthly calls and the video lessons.  Jessica and her team have done a great job developing the course and creating content that is specifically relevant to me as a business owner.  This is my third company and I wish I had taken this course prior to selling my first two!


Serial Entrepreneur,
Prep to Sell Attendee

 for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs 

Stage 1
Understanding Where You Are

Stage 2
Identify Deal Killers

Stage 3
Drive More Value

Stage 4
Position Your Company for Sale

Stage 5
Get It Sold!


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We know the fear and anxiety preparing to sell your business causes on top of all the work you already have. We are entrepreneurs. 

When we sold our first company we were frustrated with an overcomplicated and 'secret' process. 

Now, we have bought and sold seven of our own companies plus advised over 350+ sales and $250 million + in volume just in the last seven years. 

We have taken that knowledge as well as thousands of conversations with business buyers and developed a clear, actionable plan to make your business sale ready and set yourself apart in the marketplace to achieve the highest sale price possible.

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How to Structure a Deal
Identifying the Buyer
Going to Market & Getting Your Deal Sold

Our participation in the Prep to Sell program helped change the direction and focus of our business.

Prep to Sell’s analysis validated many of our business processes and confirmed we were doing a lot of things right. Their recommendations provided a clear roadmap of areas where we could improve, which would result in added value to the business. These recommendations were implemented in a short time period with great success.

I would highly recommend the Prep to Sell Program to any business owner who wants to get their business ready for sale.


Medical Device Client, increased business value 83% in 18 months

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